Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Bought something new! Noooooooooo!- Mrs. Sickofspending

This is a excerpt from a longer post...

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our actual Nothing New progress. This week we found ourselves in need of some clothing for our older kids, mostly pants. Usually, for them, I would just hop on over to Target for their very plain, cheap, and goes with everything pants. They HATE the thrift store, HATE the clothing, HATE the idea of it. I took them anyway. As we looked through the rows and rows of pants, I noticed a marked change in their attitudes. They were smiling and helpful in the process, they had an excitement in buying Nothing New. We ended up leaving with six pair of jeans from Gap and Levi and a pair of recycled sole Teva’s. We spent only $33. I am NOT a thrift store shopper, I hate it too, but was excited for the challenge. My kids don’t care about brands (yet), but we found some quality (at least, over Circo), for so much less. We all found it thrilling to have a bagful of necessity, while not creating a need for more – not taking from a rack that will be refilled with the same exact item.

We did find ourselves buying Something New. We almost never do this. We don’t usually have the sentiment or feel the need to buy ”picture packages” offered us by the given teams our children play on. However, it meant so much to our daughter to have a picture of her current traveling basketball team. We caved (?) I guess. We bought the package that was both the least amount of stuff and money. Honestly, it didn’t even occur to me that I was “cheating” until later. Not a success if you look at it from our Year, still a success in our daughters fun and commitment as she is growing. No loss, no success. I’ll take it.

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