Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nothing New for the Daughter? - Mrs. Sick of Spending

Today, I laughed at my daughter. I laughed at timing, too. My daughter, the eleven year old? The one who cares not a stitch about her clothing? Ever? The one who wears t-shirts from my bottom drawer and sweat pants because they are soft? The one who wears a stocking hat most days? The one who I will SPECIFICALLY buy clothing I know is her style but yet snubs because, “I don’t like how it feels” or “I don’t need a new shirt” or “it’s nice mom, but…no really, I like it…” JUST so I can see her in something different?? Well, of all days January (what? 6?) 2011, THE YEAR OF NOTHING NEW, is when she decides to get all persnickety and wear something that I picked out and looks adorable on her? Of all days she decides to walk past me in preparation for school and says, “Mom, you need to buy me a bunch of new shirts like this because all the others are *shrugs*, I don’t know, just old.” I guffawed and said, “It hasn’t even been a week of our Year of Nothing New and you say this?” She just nonchalantly responded, “That’s for you and dad, I can have all the new things I want.” No snark (she’s not really like that), just impeccable timing, no? Oh, universe, you tempt me. Bring it on. Ha. Ha. Ha.

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