Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nothing New in the Lunch...or is there! - Mrs. Sick of Spending

Every night after dinner, we clean up the dishes from the table and, in turn, the kitchen. Somewhere in there I (FINALLY!) realized this was the best time to make the lunches for school the next day. My kids, since they started school six years ago, REFUSE to eat school lunches. My daughter, like a broken record, tells me of how the lunch room smell makes her stomach hurt. My son assures me the food will make him sick. Listen, six years ago, I WANTED this. I nurtured it. I controlled it. I have made lunches full of leftovers or the latest “favorite” foods or some “organic pre-packaged” delight. However, as parenting has evolved naturally and I have let go of controlling a few things (shut up), sometimes I just want them to eat! a school! lunch! FOR THE LOVE! *ahem* This is exactly what I wanted, good for me, yeah, I know, I know.

Before this Year started, a mailer arrived from The Container Store that had these adorably perfect reusable sandwich/snack bags. I kept the mailer right next to the french press, knowing I would see it everyday and be reminded I needed to pick them up BEFORE OUR YEAR! I forgot (now THAT’s Nothing New if you know me at all). Tonight, while preparing tomorrow’s lunches, I was sick of filling bag number who knows and remembered what I had forgotten, again. Washing and reusing those little baggies? Been there, done that, over it. My best solution is a joyride to The Container Store. Alas…

See, I was thinking, “It’s okay if I buy THESE new, because, ultimately, they are reUSABLE and then….” No. “It’s okay if I buy THESE new because I want to reduce my footprint and….” No. “It’s okay if I buy THESE new because it will save us money and Mr. inBetween will love the…” No. I couldn’t get around it because something like this is what I found. I have all the equipment and materials and am excited to try Something New. I’ll just use the baggies until my procrastination runs out.

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