Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to buy nothing new: Use the Library

So we have gone official 5 days with buying nothing new. I currently am a grad students and as a part of that I am always needing books. This is a process that I tend to put off till the last minute as prime shipping normally gets me my books in 2 days. This won't work anymore as I can't buy new books. Sure used books are a possibility but isn't it just better to borrow? Enter library. I know this is a no brainer but I am always amazed how the library is neglected. So I have reserved my school books at the library, and better yet they send them to my house for free!

On the library note I have reserved about 10 dvds from the library as well. Sure I am 50th in line for some of them, but hey, waiting builds character!

money saved from using the library: $35.82
money saved this year: $35.82

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