Friday, January 14, 2011

A CSA? - Mrs. Sick of Spending

In preparation for our Year, Mr Sickofspending and I talked very briefly about a couple ground rules we agreed on. One, was that we were both okay with continuing our lifestyle of supporting local artisans, musicians, actors. We live in a thriving community of creativity and inspiration, our devotion to supporting these endeavors is something we value greatly. Somehow, it seems, even if the respective “art” purchased is new, there is something greater in buying and supporting locally. We, like many of you, gravitate to small business owners, not chains, when we need to get services serviced. Further, we tend to rely on our community of people surrounding us to give and take, sharing love and dependence on one another, humbly accepting and giving. AS IT SHOULD BE.

Second, we discussed FINALLY getting on the ball soon enough to become a part of a CSA this year. We have talked about it year after year, and year after year missed the full growing season (I’m taking suggestions from any of your favorites). I’ve been spotty about shopping our local farmer’s markets as life takes over and I’ve chosen convenience. I visit our co-op only for specific items. Neither is our life conducive to a garden as we travel a lot throughout the summer. I think we are finally ripe (get it?) for something we value. Even if all food and “necessities” can be new, I’m hoping to look a little closer at using the community I’m presently in.

Nothing profound, here, just some thoughts as we continue on…

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  1. We did it last year. Ask me about it sometime :)